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      1 look /?l?k/ verb
      looks; looked; looking
      1 look
      looks; looked; looking
      Learner's definition of LOOK
      always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] : to direct your eyes in a particular direction
      often + at
      see also look around (below), look at (below), look over your shoulder at 1shoulder
      [linking verb] : to seem to be something especially because of appearance
      often used in the phrases look as if, look as though, and look like
      see also look like (below)
      [+ object] : to have an appearance that is suitable for (something)
      [no object] : to try to find something or someone
      see also look for (below)
      [no object] : to pay attention by directing your eyes at something
      [no object]
      used to direct someone's attention to something or someone
      often + at
      often used in phrases like look where, look what, etc.
      see also look at (below)
      used in phrases like look where, look what, etc., to warn someone or to express anger or disappointment
      used to introduce a statement when you want someone to notice what you are saying
      [+ object]
      : to want or try to do something followed by to + verb
      : to expect something followed by to + verb
      [no object] : to have a specified direction : to point or face in a specified direction

      don't look now

      used in speech before a statement to tell someone to be aware of something without looking

      look after

      [phrasal verb]
      look after (someone or something)
      : to take care of (someone or something)

      look a gift horse in the mouth

      see 1horse

      look ahead

      [phrasal verb]
      : to think about what will happen in the future
      often + to

      look around

      [phrasal verb] or British look round
      look around/round or look around/round (a place) : to go through a place in order to see what is there : to explore a place
      look around/round for (something) : to search for (something)
      see also 1look 1 (above)

      look at

      [phrasal verb]
      look at (someone or something)
      : to think about or consider (something or someone)
      : to examine or study (someone or something)
      look at (something)
      : to have (something bad or unpleasant) as a problem or possibility
      : to read (something or part of something)
      see also 1look 1, 5a (above)

      look back

      [phrasal verb]
      : to think about something in the past
      ? If you make an important change in your life and never look back, you never return to the way you had been before, and your life is very different from that time onward.

      look before you leap

      : to think or learn about the possible bad results of an action before doing it

      look daggers at

      see dagger

      look down on

      [phrasal verb]
      look down on (someone or something)
      : to think of or treat (someone or something) as unimportant or not worthy of respect

      look down your nose at

      : to think of or treat (someone or something) as unimportant or not worthy of respect

      look for

      [phrasal verb]
      look for (something or someone)
      : to try to find (someone or something) : to search for (someone or something)
      see also 1look 3 (above)
      : to expect (something or someone)
      often followed by to + verb
      look for trouble informal : to act in a way that could cause violence or problems

      look forward to

      [phrasal verb]
      look forward to (something)
      : to expect (something) with pleasure

      look in on

      [phrasal verb]
      look in on (someone)
      : to make a brief social visit to (someone)

      look into

      [phrasal verb]
      look into (something)
      : to try to get information about (something)

      look like

      : to have an appearance that is very similar to (someone or something) : to resemble (someone or something)
      see also 1look 2a (above)

      look like a million dollars/bucks

      see million

      look lively

      see lively

      look on/upon

      [phrasal verb]
      look on : to watch something as it happens without becoming involved
      look on/upon (someone or something) : to think of or consider (someone or something) in a specified way + as or with

      look out

      [phrasal verb]
      used to tell someone to be aware of something dangerous
      look (something) out or look out (something) British : to succeed in finding (something)

      look out for

      [phrasal verb]
      look out for (something) : to be aware of and try to avoid (something dangerous or unwanted)
      look out for (someone or something) : to take care of or protect (someone or something)
      ? If you look out for number one, you only think about yourself and do what helps you most.

      look over

      [phrasal verb]
      look (something) over or look over (something)
      : to read or examine (something) usually in a quick or hurried way

      look sharp

      see 2sharp

      look (someone) in the eye

      also look (someone) in the face
      : to look directly at (someone who is also looking at you)

      look the other way

      : to ignore something that should be noticed or dealt with : to turn your attention away from something

      look through

      [phrasal verb]
      look through (something)
      : to read or briefly examine some of the pages of (a book, magazine, etc.)
      : to look at the different parts of (a collection or group of things)
      look through (someone) : to pretend not to see or recognize (someone) in a rude or unfriendly way

      look to

      [phrasal verb]
      look to (something) : to think about or examine (something) : to direct your attention to (something) usually + for
      look to (someone) : to need (someone) to do something for or give something to you : to depend or rely on (someone)
      often + for

      look up

      [phrasal verb]
      : to get better : improve
      look (something) up or look up (something) : to search for (something) in a reference book, on the Internet, etc.
      look (someone) up or look up (someone) : to call or go to see (someone) when you are in the area where that person lives

      look up to

      [phrasal verb]
      look up to (someone)
      : to respect and admire (someone)

      Look what the cat dragged in!

      see cat

      look your best

      see 3best

      not much to look at

      : not physically attractive
      2 look /?l?k/ noun
      plural looks
      2 look
      plural looks
      Learner's definition of LOOK
      [count] : the act of looking at something usually singular
      often + at
      [count] : the act of examining or considering something usually singular
      usually + at
      [singular] : the act of trying to find something or someone
      [count] : the emotions and feelings that can be seen in a person's face or eyes
      [count] : a quality or characteristic that you can see when you look at something : the way that something looks
      looks [plural] : physical appearance
      especially : attractive physical appearance
      [count] : a style or fashion usually singular
      Comments & Questions
      Comments & Questions
      What made you want to look up look? Include any comments and questions you have about this word.
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